A Smart Destination is a place that manages tourism in a modern and different way to the traditional schemes.

It adopts a systemic view, in the sense that considers the environment, the culture and the local economy are an integral part of all tourism action.

Taking advantage of all the information available today in the so-called “big data” to gather global informations, it analyzes them and gives them a meaning best suited to potential demands and offers.

It doesn’t consider any longer tourists as a passive entity that would be satisfied enough with an accommodation and souvenir shops, but as co-actors of their trip, interacting with the place and the local society, having the desire to optimize their travel experience.

In turn, this requires that place can adapt to the cultural changes, being new technologies part of them via smartphones and Internet contributions.

A Smart Destination doesn’t question any more “what are our natural tourist resources (sun and beach) and how we can sell them more”. Instead, it analyzes the behavior of consumers around the world, try to understand their motivations and why they behave and decide so, in order to design a specific offer for the market segments the local place would like to attact.



TravelCube is a technological development that allows a sensory immersion that simulates a teleport to another region of the globe.

It combines virtual reality and augmented reality to make a virtual tourist feel projected to another destination, being allowed to evolve into it, explore it and have visual and aural sensations, similar to those you would feel if you were actually in the site.

Settled inside of a space called The Cube, people are fully immerged into images and sounds that they can control through a touch table, and operate in the same manner they should with a tablet or a big Smartphone. So they project pictures and videos wrapping the walls accompany by 3D surround sounds.

Instead of showing brochures, or a simple promotional video on a TV screen, TravelTube allows people fo feel a full sensory immersion, meanwhile they interact and move along the explored places.