The game where you are the heroe

Travel Fun is a gaming application for Android and Apple smartphones, which allows travelers to be actively involved in their tourism experience.

First available in Valencia but planned for other intelligent destinations, TRAVEL FUN provides the tourist a game where he is the heroe.

The game exists in different modalities and themes, so that it can be played by one person, a group of friends or a family. It is to discover the city solving small puzzles that lleban take him from a place to another, scoring points and shooting - as witnesses of his exploits - photos preserved in a specific folder on his smartphone.

There are cultural themes, which lead you to the most emblematic sites of the place, or more adventurous ones to discover unsuspected corners, as well as some route for the family, in which each of the members can gain prominence for a fun and participatory experience .

The characteristics of these games, inspired by urban gymkhanas, make them suitable and very attractive to businesses companies too, for team building or leadership training.