No more sluggish tourism

Sluggish tourism is the passive one. It's remaining all day long lying on the beach, no matter where it is, as long as the water is hot and the sun shiny.

Sluggish tourism is to queue like sheeps in front of the same monument, to take all the same selfie, the same photo that every one will share with his family.

Sluggish tourism is traveling just as if you had not left home.

But today's tourist is smart and wants smart destinations. Today's tourist wants to interact with the place and its people, discover cultural treasures, enjoy, participate in activities.

TRAVEL FUN has exactly this purpose. And as both culture and entertainment are nowadays inseparable of technology and mobile phones, TRAVEL FUN is an gaming application for smartphones that allows you to discover places playing thematically, either alone, with friends or family.

Whatever is the theme, cultural, adventure or wit, everyone will find the one that allows him to discover the place in his own way, enjoying, learning, discovering, entertaining and having fun.

There are also activities for companies, allowing team building or leadership developping in both a fun and efficient way.